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Alain Cardon
Conscience artificielle et systèmes adaptatifs

Jacques BOLO
Philosophie contre IA

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  • APIL - Association des Professionnels des Industries de la Langue - Regroupe les personnes ayant, ayant eu, ou susceptibles d'avoir un contrat avec une entité privée oeuvrant dans ce domaine. Formation/information, Description des métiers, Aide à la mobilité
  • Cycorp - (Douglas B. LENAT) Makers of the Cyc Knowledge Server for artificial intelligence-based Common Sense
  • Signiform - Founded in 1997 by Erik Mueller, an MIT and UCLA-trained computer scientist, to bring natural language and commonsense capabilities to computers and devices
  • SYSTRAN Software, Inc - Translation Software for Personal, Web, and Business, Translate your own text or your favorite webpage English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Russian
  • Iverson Software Co. - Designs, develops, and publishes software for the Macintosh, Newton, Windows, and Java platforms, Custom solutions for these platforms, DeveloDex™, OptiMall™, Success Tools, Tabularium™,
  • nStein technologies - Solutions d'affaires innovatrices fondées sur l'intelligence artificielle linguistique, afin d'optimiser la gestion du savoir
  • Cognipro - Provides and supports an internet-based software product that simulates cellular biochemistry, Aid scientific research by aiding interpretation of laboratory results and by predicting the possible outcome of future lines of research
  • Accelrys - Twenty years of leadership in the delivery of computational science and informatics software to diverse R&D organizations : Chemicals/Materials R&D, Pharma/Biotech R&D, Technologies
  • ELF Software Co. - Natural language database technology since introducing ELLIE: the English Language Frontend for dBase in 1989
  • MEMODATA - Ingénierie de la langue, Dictionnaires, Sémantique, Syntaxe, Grammaire, Phonétique, Gestion de la connaissance
  • Raise Partner - Independent software company (INRIA spin-off) operating in the field of Risk Management, reduction of the distance between the realised performances over an investment and its expectation
  • DSS - Digital Scan Service - Computed Tomography Software developer and provider, Developer and efficient provider of solution for 2D and 3D CT and microCT, CT imaging capabilities, Consulting and expertise
  • Rule Machines Corporation - When Rules Get Down To Business - Rule Machines' technology, A "must have" requirement of enterprise application development with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET.
  • Lingway - Solutions in language processing, Natural language multilingual search engine, categorization and coding tools, software for generating an XML structure from textual documents, information extraction and document visualization functions
  • Crossmarc - Project organized by Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications, NCSR "Demokritos", Language technology and machine learning techniques for information extraction, E-shopping, Systems able to process pages written in several languages (initially, Greek, English, Italian, and French), and adaptable to new product types via semi-automatic tools
  • The Haley Systems, Inc. - Worldwide technology leader in business using natural language understanding (NLU), Automating and managing business rules (policies, procedures, regulations, logic, etc.) faster and easier, resulting in business agility and lower IT costs
  • Prolog Development Center - A leading supplier of advanced resource scheduling and decision support software, Supplying speech based systems which are used either separately or in combination with our scheduling and decision support systems

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