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Sadao Maekawa,
Eiichi Ohno
Contrôle des robots par micro-ordinateurs

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Jean-Claude Heudin
La Vie artificielle

Jacques BOLO
Philosophie contre IA

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  • The GNU Prolog web site - What is GNU Prolog ?, Features, How does GNU Prolog work ?, History, Supported Platforms, Documentation, Download, Mailing list, Reporting bugs
  • SWI-Prolog - A Prolog compiler, targeting primarily at research and education, Licenced under the GPL
  • Prolog Development Center - An international leader in the development of knowledge-based systems, expert systems and logic programming, Visual Prolog examples
  • Amzi! - Prolog+Logic Server, Logic Explorer, WebLS, Adventure in Prolog tutorial, Expert Systems in Prolog, Freeware, Articles, Source Code, Consulting
  • Lambda Prolog - FAQ, The Teyjus Implementation of lambda Prolog System, Terzo Implementation, Examples of Code, Language Documentation, The lprolog mailinglist
  • Lambda-Systems - Prolog, Programmation par contraintes, Méta interpréteurs, Lambda prolog
  • Prolog Guide - Prolog in Examples - First Steps in Prolog, Prolog Data Structures, Special features
  • Prolog Programming A First Course - Book by Paul Brna on line


  • The Association of Lisp Users - What is Lisp ? Learning Lisp, Lisp Applications, Tools for using Lisp, The Lisp Community, Reference Material, Common Lisp Implementations, Related languages
  • LispWorks - Products, Common Lisp HyperSpecTM, Downloads free software, patches, contributed code, manuals, Technical Support
  • The CERN Common Lisp Users Group - Providing a variety of easily accessible installations of Common Lisp implementations, and related tools, Documenting the use of Common Lisp at CERN, A focal point for CERN Common Lisp users to exchange ideas and help each other.
  • GCL - A GNU implementation of Common Lisp - Get Latest Release, Debian package page, Browse CVS, Devel Mailing List, Archives, Bugs
  • The common lisp wiki site - A free collaborative hypertext (Web) authoring program, written in Common Lisp. Modelled on Wiki, it's free software using the MIT license
  • Biolisp - A public resource supporting scientists who use Lisp to develop intelligent applications in the biological sciences
  • All Lisp & Scheme Meetup Groups - Meet other local programmers interested in Lisp, Scheme, and other functional programming languages


  • - FAQ, Textbooks, Standards, Tutorials, Bibliography, Education, Implementations, Libraries, Environments, Srfis
  • PLT Scheme - PLT Scheme is an umbrella name for a family of implementations of the Scheme programming language, DrScheme, TeachScheme!, How to Design Programs (HtDP), PLaneT : PLT's centralized package distribution system, How to Use Scheme (HtUS), MzScheme
  • All Lisp & Scheme Meetup Groups - Meet other local programmers interested in Lisp, Scheme, and other functional programming languages
  • Scheme 48 - An implementation of Scheme written by Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees. It is based on a byte-code interpreter and is designed to be used as a testbed for experiments in implementation techniques and as an expository tool

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