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  • PGP - Download the latest version, Latest news, Language, Products, Services, Support, The PGPi project
  • VeriSign - Public-key infrastructure (PKI) security software provides any size business with encryption, digital signatures and key management
  • Info Security - (Reed Exhibition Companies) Le salon de la sécurité informatique : Authentification, Biométrie, PKI, Sécurité, Contrôle, Cryptage, e-Commerce, Virus, Cartes à puce, Pare-Feux
  • Thawte Digital Certificate Services - Groupe VeriSign: Global provider of digital certificate solutions / Sécurité, Certificat SSL, S-MIME, Authenticode, PKI
  • Anonymizer - Online Privacy Services: Anonymous Web Surfing, Secure Tunneling, Dialup Access
  • SafeMessage - Security and encryption, databases, and Internet communications
  • GlobalCerts - Provides Email Security Solutions to enterprises, ASPs and ISPs
  • TRUSTe - Building a Web You Can Believe In - An independent, non-profit, global initiative aimed at building trust and confidence in online transactions through the adoption of a branded trustmark informing users of how their personal information is handled by online organizations
  • Secure Internet Programming Laboratory - (Princeton Univ.) Problems in computer security, especially mobile code systems such as Java, ActiveX, and JavaScript

    Pare Feux / Firewalls

  • Zone Labs - Software technology company dedicated to providing Internet products enabling safe and productive use of the Internet like the firewall ZoneAlarm
  • Symantec - The global leader in information security and availability, helping customers secure and manage their data
  • Websense - Filtering solutions to help companies productively use the Internet
  • NetBarrier - Intego is an i-security software company that develops and sells internet security solutions for Mac and Palm OS
  • WinProxy - WWW proxy & mail server with firewall for Windows
  • DoorStop Firewall - Security solutions for Internet-connected Macintoshes
  • Internet Security Systems - Leading Intrusion Prevention IPS Solutions

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