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  • OpenVMS - A leading cluster operating system, featuring high availability, performance, security, eBusiness and application integration, and comprehensive system management that can be integrated into an enterprise environment
  • - The return ! News, Free Newsletter, Forums,
  • WinFellow Amiga Emulator - WinFellow est un portage de Fellow pour DOS dans l'environnement Win32 (en cours de développement)
  • QNX Software Systems - Realtime operating system software, development tools, and services for superior embedded design
  • Aros - The Amiga Research OS, Background, FAQ, Informations for developpers, Developping software, Harware...
  • Plan 9 - A new computer operating system and associated utilities. It has been built over the past several years by the Computing Sciences Research Center of Bell Laboratories, the same group that developed Unix, C, and C++
  • MIT Exokernel Operating System - An exokernel eliminates the notion that an operating system should provide abstractions on which applications are built. Instead, it concentrates solely on securely multiplexing the raw hardware: from basic hardware primitives, application-level libraries and servers can directly implement traditional operating system abstractions, specialized for appropriateness and speed


  • U.S. Vs Microsoft - Antitrust Division of the DoD (Department of Justice) featuring Microsoft
  • Microsuk - The Microsoft eradication Society, What's so bad about Microsoft ?, Microsoft's Really Hidden Files, News Archive, Microsoft Eradication Society Forums, Free Alternatives

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